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Note: These reports are submitted by fellow R/C modelers and represent their individual personal experiences. You or others may have different experiences depending on the variations in the described device, level of release, and/or modeling and flying experience.

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Article Author Description Date Posted
Live Wire Mini Review Wattge Irv Cooper Mini review 5/1/2003
PWT (Pointy Wingy Thingy) Boris Sverev Greg Harvey Light, cheap indoor/Outdoor flyer 10/8/2002
Quad Star  Quad speed 400 Multiplex Twin Star Multiples Irv Cooper Custom conversion 10/28/2001
'PMT' Don Granlund Don Granlund Aerobatic Slow flyer including Free Plans  
Lite Stik external link to: Wattage Irv Cooper Suggested modifications  
MANX external link to: Garrison Aerodrome Irv Cooper Plane Review  
Kadet Senior external link to: Sig Irv Cooper This is a work in process, I started with an 'ARC' Jig Framed model from Bob Benton Airplanes - Mid Wing - Extended Wing - Barn Door Ailerons - Aveox 1406/4y - Dymond 3:1 Gear - APC Electric 13X10 Prop -6# 9oz   
Pico Jet external link to: Multi Plex Irv Cooper A review with tips on finishing foam and a 'Steroids' power system on a budget for the PicoJet.  
Esso Bee   Irv Cooper Indoor/Park Flyer Scratch built from some original ideas and elements from the Lazy Bee Speedy and Yard Bee Plans 35"span 340sq" 14 oz  
Tiny Moo Ron Fikes Ron Fikes The Article includes plans in (JPG Format) or you can order scale Plans  
TwinStar   Irv Cooper Seaplane float conversion  
The Garden Cub   Neil Gilles   The article includes free Plans. The design is a 1 meter span in order to make it able to fly in a slight breeze in its role as a parkflier. Designed for a Speed 280 2:1 on 6x350AAC cells - nice flying but not much climbing power. Next I used a Speed 300 3:1 on 6x500AR or 6x600AA cells, this is my preferred setup.  
"Blew Angel" John Swetland's John Swetland's Get Free Plans (dxf file) of this succesful design.  
Tiger Moth external link to: GeeBee Howard Batton


Span 45 in. Area 640 sq. in. Magnetic Mayhem Reverse MA 2.5:1 gearbox APC 11 x 8 prop 10 cell 2000 pack about 30 amps static at full throttle 70 oz, (4.4 lb.) all up weight four channel Micafilm and Fibafilm covering  
Vari-Eze Hobby Lobby Patrick Tagart Construction Article  
EP 2 Meter Tower   Electric Saleplane:  Spped 400 with 4:1 gear & 8X4 Folding Prop 8 Cell 500mah, Micro Demo 102 BEC ESC, Futaba AM 4NBL May 1998
"Pfeiffer" Cub Great Planes   Electric conversion

2 Koysho Magnetic Mayhems on a single Custom Gear Box & 2- 8 Cell 2000mah packs ESC - Steve Neu micro, 60A, Radio - Futaba 7ch Rx, mini-servos

ELECTRIC 4 STAR 40 Sig Ron Fikes Electric Conversion  
CLANCY LAZY BEE   Ron Fikes    
Tristar Sig Russ Tront Canard Pusher, RTF weight under 50 oz. using an Astro FAI-15, 8x1700 cells, and a Graupner 9x5 folding prop - 28 amps static  

Tools of the Trade

Article Category Designer/Manufacture Article Author Description Date Posted
Light Landing Gear Irv Cooper Irv Copper Piano wire landing gear that really hold up. 5/12/2003
Astro 010 Motor Mount Irv Cooper Irv Copper Home made motor mount 5/1/2003
Prop Saver MARCEE members Greg Harvey A cheap Prop saver for the GWS IPS system 10/10/2002
Plane Stand Irv Copper Irv Cooper Create a great little plane stand from a walker and crutches. 9/12/2002
Setting up a PC Power Supply for battery chargers   Pat Harvey Learn how to use on old power supply from a PC to power your DC/DC chargers 7/1/2002
LED Basics   Greg Harvey Getting started lighting RC planes with LED lights. 2/1/2002
Sermos / Power Pole connectors   Irv Cooper Tips on assembling and using Sermos/PowerPole connectors  
Battery Pack Discharger   Irv Cooper A do it yourself battery pack discharge  
Astro 010   Irv Cooper Adding a gearbox and other experiences  
SLIDE IN POWER UNIT   Don Granlund Slide in power unit for electiric powered planes  
Decals   Ron Fikes Make your own high quality name/letter/decals from contact paper  
Control Arms   Don Granlund Easy to adjust Pull Pull control setup for light weight aircraft  
Timing a Brushed Motor   Irv Cooper Timing your brushed motor made easy(ier)  
Multi-Electric Motors   Don Granlund DOWNLOAD on how to set up multi-electric motors  
Mechanical Mixing   Irv Cooper A new "twist" on mechanical mixing  
MPI MAXX Cermack 1.6 / 2.1 Gearbox   Irv Cooper Setup Speed 400 / Dymond MAX 48 Recommendations and test results  
Magnetic Mayhem   Mike Pfeiffer Convert the magnetic mayhem from bushings to ball bearings.  This does not change the flight performance, but the motor life goes way up!  
Helical Pitch Propellers   Bill Kubiak How to carve helical pitch props  
Amp Meter     A how to article on using a low cost ATO type fuse as a shunt and your VOM/multi meter to have a low cost high amperage meter to measure the static load current to your electric motor.  

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