Super Simple Astro 010 Motor Mount


I have mounted the Astro 010 dozens of ways, but never felt I had found the perfect bulk head mounting when I needed to mount the rear of the motor to a bulk head / Firewall.

I am very happy with this one, which works equally well on other small round case motors. 

The material I use is soft aluminum sheet.  Either that from Aluminum Softit material or Aluminum Flashing.  Both seem to work well.  I did try Aluminum from beverage cans but it is way too brittle and too thin.  Watch where someone is putting up new Aluminum Siding or Sofits, stop and they will give you enough scrap to make a lifetime of motor mounts.

Pictures are worth many words and I think you will get the idea from the two pictures below.  The intent here was to design a cheap, easy motor mount that would be the failure point in a crash instead of pulling the front end of my airplane off.

Simple010 Mount2.jpg (88556 bytes)

Motor mount and motor mounted showing the Astro Motor on my Wattage Live Wire.  Note I just bend up the 3 tabs then wrap the mount around the motor, clamp it down with two cable wraps, then a drop of CA between the motor case and the mount, and a drop where the mount over laps.  Drill a hole in each tab and screw to the firewall.

I have not had a failure in over a hundred flights & 2 crashes.

Here are the Dimensions for a template.

Simple010Template.jpg (18638 bytes)

Any Questions feel free to email me