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RC Plane Holding / Work Stand 

(Cheap, Aluminum, Light weight, and Folding)

By Irv Cooper

You can build this one out of items you can find for cheap or even free, and it only takes about an hour to assembleI did not think this would really grab much positive attention, but after seeing it, many other our RC Flyers are either making one or plan to and suggested I write it up for others.  There is not much to write up so:

S_RC Support Stand1.JPG (43346 bytes)

Finished Stand.   Note the Foam handles that came on both the walker and the crutches serves as a soft support for the plane.  The only protective items I added was some 3M heavy rubber type heat shrink tubing to the top ends of the crutches where I had cut off the armpit supports from the crutches.

S_RC Support Stand2.JPG (45498 bytes)

I removed the adjustable tips from the bottom of the crutches and as mentioned cut off the the armpit supports from the crutches.  Then using sheet metal screw fastened the crutches to the sides of the walker.


S_RC Support Stand3.JPG (53861 bytes)

This picture shows the completed assembly with one side of the walker folded in.

S_RC Support Stand4.JPG (27144 bytes)

This pictures shows it all folded up and ready to store go into the car.

Note I left the bottom adjustable legs on the walker so I could adjust the overall height to be higher for standing and lower for sitting.

S_RC Support Stand5.JPG (29896 bytes)

The Stand in use at the field.  Note that the open side of the walker makes it easy to pull a chair up and sit to work with the plane suspended over your legs.

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