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John Swetland's Blew Angel

This is an impressive speed 400 design that other MARCEE members say is the Duluth Minnesota answer to the Lazy Bee.  This design is an impressive performer that attracts lots of attention at every fly.

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Download Free Plans Note: If you download and build please send John a note on how you like it.  Probably a donation to encourage new designs and plan sharing would be even more appropriate.

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Or Contact John Swetland For a Full Size Plot for $10 Plus Shipping

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The BA-38 specs' are about as follows
SPAN 38 inches (36" spar plus tips)
MAC 9 inches (75% of total cord)
AREA 342 In2 (2.375 Ft2)
WEIGHT 21 oz W/ 7X800AE NCd
Wg Loading 8.8 oz/ft2
Power loading 50 watts/Lb
Power Sp400 (6V) w/ mini Olympus 2.3:1 gear drive
prop Zinger wood 9 X 4 or 9 X 5 (reworked)
ESC Pixie 14 or Jeti 10 both with BEC.
Radio HiTech SS3 with 2 HS-80 servos driving elevons. The rudder is driven
thru a de-mixer (springs) and a closed loop (pull-pull) cable system.
Total cost is under $200. radio, batt, motor, esc, airframe.

I am also flying a 49" version (1 more wing bay per wing) with a sp400/4:1
gearbox with 7 X 2800ma Ni MH cells. Takeoff weight is 28.3 oz. 13 oz of
batteries and well over 25 minutes of powered flight.

See ya around the aerodrome.
John Swetland.