Minnesota Area R/C Electric Flight Enthusiasts (MACREE)


TwinStar Seaplane


By Irv Cooper

This is not a elegant solution, just one that works. My main purpose for my Twin Star is not as a seaplane, but it fills the bill when ever I need an extra at a float fly.  My primary setup is with 7 1250mah cells, but usually when I fly off of water I use an eight cell pack of 1250mah cells.

tsflt02.jpg (25946 bytes)

TwinStar with nose shoe/float attached using 3 strips of 3M hook n loop so that it can be easily removed.

I covered the shoe with Aerospan Low Temp Heat Shrink to keep it smooth.  The Base material is Pink Foam which I cut out pieces on my bandsaw and laminated together using hotmelt glue.

The Shoe is 7.75" wide at the bottom in the back, the step portion is 1/2" deep and the shoe is 3" Deep at the back and 4.75" Wide at the top.  The top is constant width, but the bottom tapers from 7.75" to 4.75" due to the bevel of the sides of the float.

The completed float weights about 2.5oz

tsflt01.jpg (32611 bytes)

Shows the cavity and Hook n Loop fasteners.

tsflt03.jpg (17796 bytes)

tsflt04.jpg (16243 bytes)

tsflt05.jpg (22305 bytes)

This view shows the pink foam layers (1.5"thick) cut to make the Float.

tsflt06.jpg (13745 bytes)

This view shows the bottom profile


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