SIG Tristar - Canard Pusher

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By Russ Tront, Canada.


My RTF weight is under 50 oz. with an Astro FAI-15 and 8x1700 cells. I used no landing gear because it was too flimsy.I made the canard removable and adjustable in incidence. I found the stock incidence too high causing the canard to stall too soon (which of course is not serious, except it didn't slow down as much for landing as I wanted).   Decreasing the canard incidence too much though, risks loosing the safety of a canard because the canard will not then stall before the main wing.

Note the FAI-15 is very similar in all ways to the Cobalt-05. Except it is lighter and better balanced. I use a Graupner 9x5 folding prop on a Sontronic hub. 28 amps static.  What also works for me is to put the cooler 10Turn cobalt 15 armature in the FAI-15, and use a Sontronics 11x7 prop. But be careful to follow through with your launch hand so it doesn't get sliced.

The Tristar is very tail heavy. I had to move everything as FAR (!!) forward as possible even with the light 5.5 oz FAI motor.

I love the plane. I can fly by real slow with full aft stick and 1/3 power and the plane just slightly porpoises as the canard goes in and out of stall. And it will do nice loops and rolls. Oh yeah, I folded the wing on a rapid pullout from a dive. Please fiberglass the wing out 6" inches either side of the centerline. You can use very light glass <1oz.

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