Light Weight Pop Apart Landing Gear "Timex Landing Gear"

"It takes a licking and keeps on ticking"

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Hopefully the pictures are self explanatory as I did not want to make a bunch of hand sketches.


Lite-weight-Landing-gear-1.JPG (51793 bytes)

First Picture Shows the assemble gear on My Pico Cub, a 18 oz Airplane

Lite-weight-Landing-gear-2.JPG (59857 bytes)

Here is the underside, being I rubber band the gear on, you need to have cross pins just like a wing mount for the gear to rubber band to.   The center kris cross  bands are not necessary for the landing gear, in this case they just keep the batter pack from falling out.

Lite-weight-Landing-gear-2c.JPG (67813 bytes)

Close up of the Rubber Band Mounting

Lite-weight-Landing-gear-2b.JPG (49249 bytes)

Battery pack rubber bands removed to show just the landing gear mounting.

Lite-weight-Landing-gear-4.JPG (31551 bytes)

Here are 2 pictures the landing off the airframe but still assembled

Lite-weight-Landing-gear-4a.JPG (34001 bytes)

Now for the details

Lite-weight-Landing-gear-5.JPG (39398 bytes)

And I have to get a bit wordy here to describe the setup.

Two Last picture showing the wires all fitted into the brass tubing with the wheel & with the wheel removed.

Lite-weight-Landing-gear-6.JPG (17232 bytes)Lite-weight-Landing-gear-7.JPG (25320 bytes)