Assembling the Sermos Power Pole Connectors

First Tin the wire end with solder

Second tin the inside of the insert ‘IF’ you feel you can do so and still insert the wire.

Hold the insert in a device like the ‘Third Hand’ with the wire end pointed up. Insert the wire and add heat to the insert. Use solder to file the insert from the wire end by letting it ‘Wick’ into the joint.  I find it works even better to use a small butane torch to heat the insert and wick in the solder.

Caution if you get any solder on the outside of the insert you will have to scrape it off or it will interfere with proper assembly of the connector.

Push the insert with the wire attached into the plastic housing in the orientation shown – You may need to push the insert with a small screw driver to get it all the way in. There should be an audible click when it seats properly.

If you can not get the insert to seat properly, you can pull it back out and bend down the front tab of the insert.


Never plug connectors together holding on to the plastic housing. If you do so an insert that is not properly set may slide backwards giving you a temporary contact that can separate in use.

Instead, hold the wire just behind the plastic housing on both connectors, and then push the two connectors together. If an insert tries to slide back, you will be able to feel it and avoid a possible in flight catastrophe.