Michaels Electric Models - Garden Cub

Garden Cub is designed by Neil Gillies and the plan can be found on his homepage:

The original design has a span of 1.2 meters and is intended for indoor use but I scaled mine down to a 1 meter span in order to make it able to fly in a slight breeze in its role as a parkflier. I have tried different motor/gear/accupack combinations. The first was a Speed 280 geared 2:1 on 6x350AAC cells - nice flying but not much climbing power. Motor got quite hot. Next I tried a Speed 300 geared 3:1 on 6x500AR or 6x600AA cells. I cruises nicely on 1/2 throttle and climbs great with full power. Normal duration is app. 8 minutes. This is my preferred setup. All flying is done using a red GŁnther prop which is about 7X6. It is very easy to fly and looks great in the air. I tried some aerobtics - loops are OK but I broke the wing doing a split-S. It has now been reinforced with 2mm carbon rod spars but these are not needed unless you are as lousy a pilot as I am :-)






Clark Y Top


280-350 grams/9.8-12.4 oz


16 dm*2/248sq.in.


Speed 280/300


O/D 2:1 or 3:1


Sanyo 6x350AAC/6x500AR/6x600AA


2xGigaline Picco BB (9 gr.)


Schulze 18be


Simprop Nano

I have recently built another Garden Cub for indoor use. I have increased span to 110 cm. Motor is a Faulhaber 1624 geared 11.8:1 on 8x110AA cells. Servos are Gigaline 5.4 g. and RX a Jeti 10 g.
AUW is app. 215 g. It cruises on only 1/3 throttle and is very slow. Sorry no pics yet.